.Cuddy pet bed is actually a real mattress

It is designed and built like the best mattresses for people are built. All this to ensure comfort and health support. But let’s start from the beginning! When considering the construction of a mattress for people, the most important aspect is its internal structure. This is also how we approached the construction of a bed for your pet!

Internal construction

The interior of our mattress is made of two layers of specialized foams.

The top layer is a thermoelastic foam which has several very important functions. Thanks to your properties of reaction to body temperature, it can adapt to your pet almost perfectly. All this because it is a frame on which a tired spine, joints and tendons rest. This but it brings real relief. Such a solution is not springy, and even fits perfectly to the body. That is why we can talk about effective regeneration as well as longer and effective regeneration fulfilling health functions.

In practice, this can delay the degenerative processes and affect itself quality of life.


It is also worth emphasizing that such a mattress does not stop blood and lymph circulation, which is unfortunately typical of hard bedding. Research by manufacturers of thermo foams shows that a person lying on a specialized mattress falls over by up to 70% less. What does this mean in practice? Your dog or cat will be able to rest more effectively! All because any drilling simply wakes you from the most important for sleep quality, deep REM phase. Additionally, thanks to full regeneration, tissues and the brain are better nourished and oxygenated. The issue of thermoregulation will also be important here. As we know very well, dogs don’t sweat in hairy areas. They release heat through the process of convection and radiation, for which the uninterrupted circulation of peripheral blood vessels is essential. For example, in the summer, when it is very hot, the vessels expand. This is necessary in order to increase the heat dissipation surface, and the dog is effectively cooled by this reaction.

The bottom layer of the mattress is made of highly elastic and flexible foams with densities that support the weight of a dog or cat. It is an essential element that perfectly complements memory foam. Without such a solution, the first layer would be too soft. This, as a consequence, could have the opposite effect to what we guarantee. It is also worth knowing that an additional task of this layer is thermal insulation. The inner layers of foams are granules combined in a layered manner. The design is inspired by the construction of futons and at the same time made with the use of advanced mattress foams. It is this structure that guarantees surface homogeneity and internal stability throughout the entire period of use. Such a product is also airy, which ensures adequate ventilation and comfort of use.

Inner cover

A dedicated fabric was used for its construction, which is perfectly breathable. Similar materials They are also used in the clothing, medical and veterinary industries. This raw material in short contact is impermeable to water, which protects the internal part in various types of accidents.


Outer cover

This element is constructed in a very intuitive way. From the bottom, airy fabric provides the pet with ventilation and guarantees anti-skidding. All this thanks to special silicone insets that prevent the bed from moving, for example on the panels. It’s safe to say that choosing a pattern or color is a matter of taste alone. However, your pet does not care. Of course, we try to fit in with the current trends and offer a complete product.

We hope everyone will find something nice to look at!


At the same time, we made sure that all materials and products that are in our offer are as chemically inert as possible for pets. They are all certified by the OekoTex standard 100 Hohenstein Institutes and the Austrian Institute for Ecology, Technology and Innovation ÖTI. Some are also marked with the OekoTex II certificate, which is especially recommended for dogs and cats with skin allergies. All this to deliver the best for your four-legged friend.

We know very well that the right mattress and bed should be one of the most important choices, next to the selection of food and supplements. That is why we offer the best combination of materials that will be the best for your pet. It is worth choosing responsibly and with love.

We are sure that your pet will thank you for this choice!

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