Hey! I am Czesio and apparently it all started with me. I will tell you who our brand is, how it was created and what it is guided by in its activities. Sit comfortably with your pet and see together what we want to tell you!

 It was 2008 and it all happened in the UK, Yorkshire. This is where I was born. As a young Labrador, I was taken care of by my new family. There I found out what love and the warmth of a home is. When I was 4 years old, we came to Poland and this moment began another, very interesting stage in our life together.
My parents knew very well that they wanted to combine their work with what they love. After all, there’s nothing better than taking care of your pet, right? This is how the company producing behavioral toys was founded. It was a huge success to produce the first treat ball on the market that was completely chemical-neutral for animals. The plans also include the production of orthopedic beds for dogs, but life sometimes writes different scenarios and it is not always possible to realize what we dream about at once.

My parents’ first company was sold, and they started producing orthopedic mattresses for humans. I also got my memory foam bed. It may not have been the prettiest, but its comfort delighted me! Every time I was well rested and full of energy! I have lived a wonderful 13 years in health and in good shape.

Running a company with orthopedic mattresses allowed for gaining knowledge and vast experience. More than once I have heard my parents arrange additional consultations with vets to learn their opinions. They wanted to create the best orthopedic option that would be helpful for smaller and larger dogs.

This is how the product dedicated to responsible owners of pets, such as me, was created. All the energy in the work on the product is directed towards creating a solution that will ensure adequate sleep and rest for every dog ​​or cat. In their activities, my parents are constantly guided by the knowledge of physiology, physical and psychophysical development or even the ability to learn.

The combination of love for animals, accuracy in operation and attention to detail resulted in the creation of a product that really affects the health of pets. I am very happy that I could experience it and I am sure that your pet will also be happy with such a purchase!

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